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Increase Your Productivity With These 5 Home Office Decorating Tricks

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One of the biggest challenges of having a home office is finding the right balance between "office" and "home." You want your home office to be a place of productivity, but not a space that crushes creativity. To help you find the right balance, here are a few home office decorating tips to help you boost productivity without losing that sense of home.

  1. Make your shelves float. Floating shelves are popular and for good reason. They help to keep clutter off your work surface and make use of the vertical space on your walls. Try using floating shelves in your office and decorate them with elements like plants and artwork for inspiration.

  2. Incorporate artwork that makes you productive. The most common pieces of artwork found in office buildings include landscapes (both photographed and painted) and abstract art. These styles also often use colors such a blue, green, red, and yellow to boost productivity, creativity, and motivation.

  3. Hang your artwork at the right level. In a recent survey of custom framing consuming, up to 18% of consumers had original artwork framed and 15% had original photography framed. Whichever category you may fall into, it's important you hang your custom framed artwork correctly in your home office. And it isn't at eye-level. In a home office, your computer needs to be at eye-level. Artwork must be hung between six to nine inches above your desk.

  4. Keep an eye on your papers. It's all too easy to let your desk get covered in paperwork, but if you're not careful your documents could become permanent clutter. Try to keep your papers organized on a daily basis and have a place to temporarily keep documents until you can address them completely.

  5. Use the right lighting. When you rely only on the lighting on your home office ceiling, you're more likely to strain your eyes at your desk. What's more, the dim lighting can make your office feel less like a productive place to work and more like a place to catch some sleep. Use a desk lamp and floor lamp in addition to your ceiling lighting to create a bright and happy space.

Whether you need photography framing or art framing, Columbia River Gallery is the place for custom framing Portland residents trust. To learn more about the photo frame shop and our custom framing, contact Columbia River Gallery today.

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