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So much love, craftsmanship, design and skill go into something that’s made by hand. In this day and age it’s becoming harder and harder to find.


We offer a wonderful selection of handcrafted frames and mats to take your artwork to a whole new level of custom.  Set your art apart from the rest.

acrylic frames

Clean and modern, yet surprisingly complementary to even vintage images, PRISMA acrylic frames fill a unique niche for extraordinary framing.  They are created by starting with a 3/4" or 1" thick slab of clear or sea acrylic.  Then the custom shape and chosen design pattern are cut out of it.  Next, your custom chosen colors are applied to the back side of the lip of the frame, pattern and background and the face of the frame is polished or sanded to create a stunningly unique look for your wall


Our beautiful leather wrapped custom frames are made to order by skilled artisans at HOUSE OF MERCIER in Lima, Peru. Options include colors, stitching, tooling, braided accents, cowhide with hair, zipper details, buckles and more.  Choose from our examples or design something new.  Want a custom leather box, side table or secret compartment in your frame?  They can do that too!

leather frames


ATOMIC FRAMES lend a modern, edgy vibe to artwork that is high end and different.  Each frame is handcrafted to order from raw steel, welded, riveted (or not) and patina added.  They are industrial chic and modern rustic. These are very cool looking frames.

steel frames
resin frames


CRECENT COUTURE is an exclusive gallery collection of fine matboard.  Each piece is as unique as the art it is designed to compliment.  Richly textured surfaces, shimmering Metals, organic textures, grand drama, conservation quality, 100% cotton RagMat core and backing, these artisan-created matboards elevate your artwork to extraordinary...the next level of "custom" for custom framing. 

artisan matboards


Hand carved mats add a subtle and elegant touch to your framed wedding invitation, family photos, vintage images and more.  Skillfully done by hand, it is a technique that is perfected by very few framers nationwide. It is one of our specialties.

hand carved mats


Luxurious and warm, rich in color, subtle in texture, custom fabric wrapped mats and liners really dress up your art.  Fabric is the preferred choice for shadowboxes, especially when organic objects are being framed. When embossed effects are desired or the mat you want doesn’t come big enough in the color you want, fabric mats are the way to go.

fabric mats
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