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CRG has an assortment of framed and unframed artwork for purchase.  Tour through our cozy gallery and you will find original watercolors, oils, acrylics, photography, posters, art cards, hand-colored etchings, mono-prints, woodblock prints, serigraphs, mixed media, giclees, lithographs, and more. Historic area photo copies, jewelry, and gift items are also available. If you are looking for something specific, let us know and we’d be happy to help you find it.

Our current selection includes art by the following artists:

Kathy D. Allegri

John Balkwill

Robert Bateman

J. Baughman

Anne Belov

Jennifer Bowman

John Cantrall

Rod Chase

Michael David Sorensen

Bart DeGraaf

Chuck DeHaan

Bev Doolittle

Ken Elliott

Nancy Glazier

Toni Goffe

Vincent van Gogh

Linda Griffin

Nishantha Gunawardena

Laurie Houseman-White Hawk

Brian Jarvi

Lisa Joyce-Hill

Cindy Kassab

Frank Kaczmarek

Beki Killorin

Irene Klaar

Joanne Kollman

Aleah Koury

Ike Leahy

Mary Lester

Gina Comelli Locke

Stephen Lyman

Christa Malay

Polly Malby

Frank McCarthy

Sergio Mooro

Rie Munoz

Govinder Nazran

Michael Orwick

Ron S. Parker

Marguerite Perry

Randy Peyton

Barbara Pihos

Marie Powell

Mamie Jo Raeburn

Francisco Rangel

Athena Salvador

Charles M. Schultz

John Carl Seely

Eileen F. Song

Alix Stefan

Mary Margaret Sweeney

Howard Terpning

Sam Toft

Anthony Turpin

Brett Varney

Mr. Waldera

Nel Whatmore

Gregory F. Wilder

Larry Zabel


current selection

Need a gift on the go? We keep a selection of ready-to-go framed art, jewelry, and beautiful leather photo frames that make great gifts when you’re in a hurry.  Buying unframed art? Take advantage of our free framing consultation. Gift Certificates are also available.

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