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Photos That Are Making A Comeback: How Can I Preserve And Display My Polaroids?

Digital cameras have given photographers the ability to create art like never before. But Polaroid cameras have been making a come back in recent years. Compared to digital photos, polaroids have only one copy, which gives them a sense of importance, rarity, and nostalgia. It's for this reason that new instant cameras have been making their way on the market. It's also why it's good to know how to preserve and display your polaroids the right way.

How To Preserve Your Instant Film

Instant film can suffer from the same damage as standard photographs and prints. But it's a good idea to take more care with your Polaroids when they're still developing to make the photo last. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you take an instant photo:

  • Don't shake the film. It doesn't help it develop faster and it can cause damage to the photograph.

  • Don't stack the film when it's just been processed.

  • Don't bend or cut your photographs.

  • Don't open your film until it's ready to be used.

  • Don't remove the white border that surrounds your photograph. It's this border that protects your photo from contaminants.

  • Don't use paperclips or staples on the photograph because it can cause damage.

After you've used your instant film, be sure to keep the photographs away from heat, moisture, and light. These three things can cause your Polaroids to fade the same way conventional photographs can. Keep them stored in a cool, dry place or in an acid-free photo box.

How To Frame Your Polaroids

The average consumer has up to 6.3 photos waiting to be framed. You can frame instant photographs the same way you would frame a standard photograph or print. However, it's a good idea to use a UV-filter glass or UV-filter acrylic glazing when displaying your Polaroids. This will help to protect them from light damage. You might also choose to use a shadow box to preserve your Polaroids with other remembrances from when you took the photos. This way, it really is like you're preserving your memories. Columbia River Gallery in Troutdale, Oregon has to offer can take your Polaroids and preserve them for years to come. Display them on your wall in beautiful photography framing or include them in a shadow box with other remembrances. To learn more about the best custom picture framing Portland Oregon has to offer, contact owner Donna Erwin about custom framing today.

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