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We Came, We Saw, We Framed It: Bits and Bops You Never Thought To Frame

Updated: Mar 7

custom framing

Millennial home decor is obsessed with custom framing and we're living for it. The bad store-bought frames of yore are out and custom picture framing is in. Artistic picture framing isn't reserved wholly for pictures, though. There are tons of things that can pop within a good frame. The old adage one person's trash is another's treasure can be translated into one person's trash is another's wall art. What do we mean? Custom framing has no limits and it takes a bit of eclectic creativity to bring beauty out of banality. Customers in the custom framing market have between six and seven items waiting to be framed. Notice that they're items, not just pictures. Let's look at some other ways to use frames in your home decor.

Garage Sale "Art" Prints, old paintings, anything visually striking. Buy it for a bargain. Remove the original frame and put it within your custom frame. Cut it to fit and surround what someone was selling for $3 in their yard with a beautiful frame. Art framing is all about capturing the eye from the outside and letting it wander in. No one needs to know it's a garage sale find, nor will they suspect it.

Currency Travel much? You globetrotters who like to collect banknotes from around the world have an extensive collection. What good is it doing sitting in a box or drawer? On canvas, piece them all together in a unique design and place them in a frame. The best part is, the more you travel and collect, the more frames you can fill with your currency collection.

Kid Scribbles Jackson Pollock famously painted #1 by flinging house paint at a piece of plywood. Your child is your own personal Pollock. Get them some large paper that goes with your custom frames and let them have at it. Not only is this an awesome family activity, you'll have art for years to come, clasped within beautiful custom framing. We're far past the limits of photography framing. Think of things you like to see and remember that with a little creative flow and a good frame, they're just as decoratively viable as family portraits.

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